DC Dining Scene 2016 top spots

The DC Dining Scene: 2016’s Top Spots with Staying Power

2016 was another dizzying year for DC’s restaurant scene – summer alone saw 85 new openings and Bon Appétit named Washington its “Restaurant City of the Year.” Burgeoning food trends solidified their hold: ethnic eats (Filipino, Basque and more) continued blossoming into mainstream American…
collaboration brews

Collaboration Brews: Matches Made by Beer Cupid

February houses Valentine’s Day, the 24-hour period where folks are expected to drop their normal routines in favor of either pleasing, or chasing, a significant other with extravagant gifts and grandiose gestures of kindness. Apart from people celebrating the idealism centered on the pairing of two…
mardi gras bars dc

Behind the Bar: Big Easy Bars

With February comes the celebrated New Orleans staple of Mardi Gras, and even though we’re a few states north of Louisiana, the distance between DC and the festivities seems non-existent given the number of local bars offering a slice of the Southeast region. On Tap traveled to a few locations boasting…
Decades dc

Dancing Through the Decades

Last August, I checked in with Panorama Productions owner and longtime DC event promoter Antonis Karagounis about potentially covering a few upcoming events. I’ve been collaborating with Karagounis since the start of my nine-year career as a music and nightlife journalist, covering the likes of Tiësto,…
Inauguration 2017 events dc

Inauguration 2017 Events

Looking for Inauguration 2017 events in the Washington DC metro area? Whether you're looking for galas, arts, alternatives or the late night bar schedule, we've got you covered. Click here and use the inauguration tag to filter your search. Cheers!