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Weezer and Pixies at Jiffy Lube Live

Weezer and Pixies brought back a taste of the 90’s at Jiffy Lube Live on Sunday, July 22.  Weezer performed as the headliner for the evening delivering a set that would make any Weezer fan extremely happy. They powered through high energy versions of classics such as “Hash Pipe,” “My Name is Jonas” and “Buddy Holly.”

Throughout the set, the stage transitioned from a bedroom setting (mimicking the set of Happy Days) to a garage and finally ending with a classic rock look. During the second to last song, “Feels Like Summer,” the stage exploded with a full lights display and pyros. Ending their set, they treated everyone to their cover of “Africa” by Toto to which the entire crowd sang along.

The highlight of the evening was when Rivers Cuomo left the stage on a scooter, then on to a sail boat prop that led him toward the soundboard. He performed an acoustic version of “Island in the Sun” from the soundboard projecting out to the lawn.  He enlisted the help of fans shouting, “I need a little more light back here” at which point the entire venue glowed with the twinkling lights of cell phones. They closed out the night with everyone’s favorite, “Say It Ain’t So.”

The Pixies started the evening off with a 25-song set list, performing with dramatic back lighting and smoke.  While Pixies delivered a stellar performance, their music longs for a club-like venue rather than a larger open air pavilion such as Jiffy Lube Live. Fans were very happy as they left the venue after dancing and singing along to more than two hours of their favorite songs. Photos/write-up: Shantel Mitchell Breen