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Bottled Up, Oceanator and Rob Stokes Band at DC9

DC9 was popping with local flavor, as DC bands gathered for a memorable night on September 4. The rock and roll quartet Bottled Up said their good byes to their West Coast headed guitarist. To kick off festivities, Rob Stokes Band opened the show with jazz-y tunes, followed up by Oceanator, currently on tour, who brought their unique sound to DC9 for the first time.

Lastly, with their newly released EP BU2, Bottled Up harnessed rock and roll energy you do not see often. Playing Bottled Up for the last time, Mikey Mastrangelo brought fire (not literally) to the crowd, while the other band members poured the fuel. Playing their new songs off the latest release like “Trash” and “Burnt”, Bottled Up made the night memorable for their departing member and the crowd. Photos/write-up: Mike Kim