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Dragon Boat Racing: A Beautiful Visual Performance

The Chinese dance-drama Dragon Boat Racing is music and dance at its finest. While words are absent, dramatic music and emotive dance tell a story that transcends language. I joined theatergoers on Friday night to experience this whirlwind performance at the Kennedy Center, the first stop on its 2018 U.S. run. Performed by the Guangdong Song & Dance Ensemble, Dragon […]

Bold Rock Releases New Rosé Cider

Good news, folks. We made it through five Mondays in what felt like the longest January known to man. The bad news? We still have to make it through February and March. It may be too cold to dig your spring coat out, but you can pretend warm weather is on the way by kicking […]

Dragon Boat Racing At The Kennedy Center

Set in 1930s China against the backdrop of the Japanese occupation, Dragon Boat Racing tells the story of how one of the most famous pieces of Cantonese music blossomed from a forbidden love. The Chinese dance-drama first premiered in China in 2014 and gained such popularity throughout the country that it was considered a cultural […]

Unnecessary Farce: A Comedic Whirlwind

The comedic Unnecessary Farce truly lives up to its name, with classic slapstick humor that proves funniest when innocent moments get taken out of context. Written by Paul Slade Smith and directed by Ray Ficca, Unnecessary Farce is the amusing story of two lovable – but unfortunately incompetent – cops’ attempt to catch a crook in […]

Get Hungry for Winter Restaurant Week

Foodies in the DC area, brace yourselves: Winter Restaurant Week is coming. Presented by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington (RAMW), this week-long event features three-course dinners priced at $35, and lunch and brunch at $22, for all locations. On Tap had the opportunity to sample fare from five of the 250 participating restaurants this week, from Italian […]

Denizens Brewing Co. Highlights Forgotten Causes A Year After Trump’s Inauguration

Denizens Brewing Co. has one message for the Trump administration: we’re still here. Denizens General Manager Stephanie Nale says she saw many people come together and congregate at the brewery when Donald Trump was inaugurated, marking a time that saw great division among different groups. To reignite that unity, the brewery wanted to host a celebration and gather […]

Let Your Inner Darth Vader Out at The DarkSide Bar

Attention all Star Wars fanatics. I have decided to join the Dark Side, and so should you. I know what you’re thinking: “I can’t join the Dark Side! Darth Vader is the worst and they’ve killed innocent people!”  But what if I told you there is a really awesome Dark Side bar where burlesque dancers spin around […]

LinguaLink DC’s Verbal Virtuoso

At just seven years old, German-born Marike Korn was already an English language teacher. It started small, helping her parents learn how to read English in their family living room, and later as a teenager, teaching her friends. Since then, Korn has taken teaching to a whole new level. She’s the founder and sole coach […]